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Between the Paws of the Sphinx: A Solar Eclipse Story

The email invitation to go to Egypt for the solar eclipse in August 1999 hit me in the belly like a lightning bolt. It was one of those rare times in my life when I just knew I had to drop everything and, come hell or high water, follow that thread that pulled me forward from the future. I had to trust that I would be supported to go there.

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Pilgrimage, Earth Energies & the Alchemy of Sacred Sites

Traveling to sacred places and becoming familiar with earth energies and how subtle energies move through the landscape, is one way of bringing back the long-forgotten ways that humanity has worked with and supported the earth in sustainable, respectful ways. Indigenous cultures have never lost this knowledge but the Western mind is sorely in need of a re-connection with the spirit of Gaia. Read Article here

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I Gave My Promise to the World and Have Faith in the Unfinished Project: Reflections from Charlottesville, VA

It was a crisp sunny autumn day, a bit breezy for sitting outside perhaps but the storied Lawn of the Grounds was the perfect place for the event. It started with a procession of dignitaries from all the top universities, Harvard, Oxford, and 100 others marching two by two in their full regalia of gowns of black red, blue and crimson.. hoods with silk and velvet sashes indicating their achievements, all PhD’s in every imaginable academic discipline.

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Windy Cliff Coda

The second morning on the island I woke before anyone else was up. I put on my bathing suit and headed out the door to the smell of sea salt air blowing across the canal. A yellowbird darted among the hibiscus in the front of the house. The road to Rum Point was quiet and in five minutes I was at the beach.

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