Current Sacred Art Journey Offerings:

New Workshop: A Wild Woman Sacred Art Journey Workshop

Sunday June 2nd, 2019 at New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland, OR $45

In this intuitive sacred art class (mixed-media), participants are invited to honor and bring their sacred Wild Woman selves into greater outer expression. The workshop includes a guided journey to connect with your inner wild woman to receive symbols or messages that will be beneficial for cultivating relationship with this soulful aspect of self that supports women in healing, bringing forward their gifts in the world and actualizing their dreams. No art experience necessary!  Bring a journal. All art supplies will be provided.

New Renaissance Bookstore Event Center



Celebrate Your Inner Priestess/Wise Woman: A two-day Sacred Art Journey of Healing and Empowerment

(available via Zoom/Skype or in person in Portland, Oregon)

In this two day sacred art journey, Kathy will work with you one-on-one as you create a beautiful sacred art painting celebrating your inner wise woman.  No art experience necessary.  This rich experience combines journeying, sacred ritual and intuitive painting to allow your divine feminine essence to emerge on the canvas.  This practice of sacred art allows for connection to the unconscious feminine, nourishes and satisfies the spirit, and supports discovery of a rich and deep, self-directed, inner sovereignty.

What’s included: Two day sacred art journey one-on-one sessions (8 hours total)

More Info or to schedule: 

email: or call / text (503)267-3122

Where: Via Zoom or Skype or in person in SE Portland. Bring a journal.  You will leave with a 24 x 30 inch painting.

Cost: $450

About Sacred Art for Women:

From Elinor Gadon in The Once and Future Goddess:

“The Goddess has once again become the muse to the arts. She is the chief inspiration for the veritable explosion of creativity by women artists/activists who seek to transform our society. For a woman the discovery of the Goddess within opens wellsprings of her being and leads to the release of creative energies of which she may not have been aware.  The female has been so long repressed in the culture at large that the very language in which women spoke, the images through which they expressed their inner being, were almost totally lost.  Tillie Olsen writes of the ‘silence,’ the poems not written, the songs not sung. 

“Through art, women are recovering the ancient fabric of wholeness, of nonduality, of unity, of spirit and body, nature and culture, life and death, man and woman.  Like the shaman of prehistoric and primal peoples, they are drawing on the forces of nature to heal.  While modeled on the archetypal, the new art comes out of a contemporary consciousness of a historical past and a very personal, vulnerable present.  They understand the imperative for new symbols that will transforms our culture for a viable future.”

About Kathy’s Sacred Art Workshops:

My sacred art workshops are offered as a practice of self-care that allow for entering into the space of the sacred feminine with more consciousness.  Representations of the rising archetypal feminine are showing up for many women in dreams, art, music and creative arts . . . these images being a reflection of an awakening feminine consciousness in our culture.   With conscious attention to nurturing and cultivating these sacred images and messages from our intuitive nature, we allow this language that arises from the soul as it points us the way towards a rich and deep, self-directed, inner sovereignty.

Jungian analyst Betty Meador describes the unconscious as the place of residence of the archetypal feminine: “Since we all grow up in a society with patriarchal values, we find the archetypal feminine primarily in the unconscious. For a woman to return to the archetypal feminine as the matrix of her psyche, she must reorient through a connection to the unconscious feminine.” Engaging in a practice of sacred art allows for connection to the unconscious feminine, nourishes and satisfies our spirits in times of stress and despair, and provides a connection with soul that lets us know that we are enough and don’t need any type of outer validation.

My experience is that in creating sacred art, the images that show up of ancient sovereign figures such as Kwan Yin, Inanna, Medusa or other mythic and symbolic figures have offered some message that I needed to bring forward regarding my journey as a soul. They have deeply nourished my inner life, brought healing, wholeness and joy.

It is my wish and prayer for every woman in these times of great cultural upheaval and change that she be able and supported to receive her own inner-directed messages from her soul that allow her to grow, heal whatever may need healing, and allow her to thrive with authenticity and joy.  That is the intention for these sacred art workshops.

Sacred Art Courses (Future Classes)

 Archetypal Art - Sacred Feminine Myths & the Seasons

Mapping for the psycho-spiritual journey for women through Sacred Art for each season. An upcoming quarterly course in sacred art creation and spiritual exploration focusing on a different feminine mythic archety


Listen to the Radio Podcast interview with Kathy talking about her sacred art workshops. 

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"Thank you Kathy for sharing this delightful experience with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the artistic process of bringing forth one of my inner goddesses. Just being around Kathy is a total pleasure. She is a gifted healer and talented artist. She was a kind and patient guide throughout this in depth journey from within. She provided a safe and loving space to create and left no room for judgement. Working with Kathy was a truly joyful experience that I would highly recommend. It definitely touched my soul. I look forward to her future Art of Allowing Workshops. From the bottom of my heart, This lady is Amazing."


Liisa Petrocchi  -Intuitive Energy Healer/Artist




"Thank you Kathy Stanley for creating this lovely container of art and active imagination for me to get in touch with one of my inner guides. Kathy is a skilled and talented painter, and I’m glad to see her bringing her work and knowledge to help others engage with their inner goddesses. Her gentle and wise guidance teaches us to leave Lady Perfectionism and Miss Judgmental outside and focus on bringing the energy and feel of our inner goddesses onto the canvas. I’m looking forward to Kathy’s workshops on the art of allowing, weaving paint and inner journeying. Thank you, Kathy, for holding the container."

~ Vanessa Couto, Astrologer



I would love to connect with you about what is coming up. Please let me know if you are interested or want more information on my available offerings.


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