Find your inner path to aliveness through sacred art journeys
and one-on-one shamanic healing sessions.


At this time of great cultural and planetary shifts it is clear that many of us are being called to deepen our missions and liberate our spirits to support a new era of flourishing on this blessed planet earth.  The collective feminine spirit is rising as we strive as a species to bring ourselves back into balance and sustainability with the planetary biosphere.

It is my soul’s calling to support this rise through sacred art journeys, private shamanic healing sessions and ecopsychology workshops and classes.  The soul speaks to us in language from the heart… through art, poetry, music and story.  We can hear the language of the soul when we step aside from the ordinary and embrace our greatest joy to guide us. 




Shamanic Energy Medicine

As an energy medicine practitioner and spiritual life coach, I offer healing and empowering sessions for anyone wanting to accelerate and energize their life towards their highest destiny. 

Sacred Art Workshops

These sacred art journeys are designed to allow women to explore the rising archetypal feminine through intuitive processes, to discover a rich and deep, self-directed, inner sovereignty


“Our educational institutions need to see their purpose not as training personnel for exploiting the Earth but as guiding students toward an intimate relationship with the Earth” ~ Thomas Berry.
Read about the college-level classes I teach in ecopsychology here. 

Free Meditation Audio

I offer this audio meditation journey to assist you in your journey for self-care to support relaxation, healing, resilience and creative energy.  It is designed to allow you to come into resonance and to feel your belonging as a beloved child of the universe, a beloved child of the planet and to know that your acts of creation, your powers of healing and resilience, your flourishing as a human being, are part of the beautiful unfolding of life and are all your birthright.   

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