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I paint because it allows me to go deep within to a place of stillness where the chatter of the mind falls away and I can sink into an inner space that is rich and full and satisfying. 

I paint because I love the surprise of seeing something emerge on the canvas that I never expected to see.

I paint because it makes me feel whole and without need of anything outside of myself.

It allows me to celebrate and connect with all of the things that I love: nature and the journey of the soul.

I paint because the act of painting takes me on a sacred journey and I love going on journeys- both inner and outer journeys. 

The inner journey of painting and the act of creating a painting through sacred ceremony and ritual is like a pilgrimage to meet some aspect of myself that is in turn healing and deeply satisfying.  My experience is that painting is a healing tonic and a journey towards wholeness and inner aliveness. 

Never in a million years did I ever consciously set out to become an artist or think that I would be an artist.  I began process painting just as a meditative exercise about 20 years ago (see my essay Painting the Enigmatic Goddess) and I fell in love with the work and life of Georgia O’Keeffe, traveling many times to New Mexico (see The Goddess in Santa Fe). 

Through my experiences with process painting and during my graduate studies in women’s spirituality, I began to see how archetypal images of the sacred feminine were emerging on the canvas.   Since 2016 I have been studying with artist Flora Aube of the Art of Allowing Academy and I am now a certified Art of Allowing Facilitator.  This method of painting has helped me to dive deeper into painting as a journey towards discovery of the feminine self. 

I paint to find out who I am.  I paint to journey to my soul. 

Come paint with me!

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Prints of some of my paintings are available here.

I was the featured artist for the month of July 2018 at Karuna Contemplative Living in Portland, OR.

One of my paintings (Ancient Dreamtime) was selected for the Beaverton Arts Mix 2018 in October 2018 in Beaverton, OR.

Several of my paintings were selected for the Art Show at the Women of Wisdom Foundation Conference in Seattle February 2016 and February 2017 and for the Pacific Northwest International Women's Festival in Vancouver, WA in March 2017.

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