Kathy Stanley, M.A. is adjunct faculty at Sofia University where she teaches classes in ecopsychology, spiritual ecology and women’s spirituality.  She is also a visionary artist and shamanic energy practitioner in private practice. She offers sacred art workshops that invite joyful, inspired connection with soul for the journey towards wholeness.  

Kathy works one-on-one with clients remotely and in-person in her holistic healing practice where she assists people in clearing patterns that no longer serve so they can energize and accelerate their life path more freely and joyfully. Kathy works like a spiritual mid-wife, supporting the psycho-spiritual journey through a combination of energy medicine healing practices and heart-centered psycho-spiritual processes. This work creates the conditions for lasting healing that liberates and empowers her clients to move forward out of stuck patterns. (Listen to a radio podcast interview with Kathy talking about shamanic energy medicine). She also offers classes, healing ceremonies and rituals to support women’s empowerment.

In addition to her work at Sofia University, Kathy has also created and taught ecopsychology workshops for the Greater Portland Sustainability Network.  Her various eco-literacy classes are designed to inspire confident and engaged participation in the global effort towards an ecologically sustainable society. She speaks at a variety of functions on the subjects of work and life balance, women's empowerment and ecopsychology.  

Kathy holds a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality with Specializations in Spiritual Guidance and Creative Expression. She is certified in shamanic energy medicine through the Four Winds Society and currently studies with the artist Flora Aube.

Originally from Jamaica, Kathy now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and her two cats.  She loves traveling to sacred sites and treats each visit she has made to special places such as Sedona and Kauai as pilgrimages that have opened her heart and connected her to the wisdom of the earth.  Kathy loves painting and her visionary art acrylic paintings center around images of the Sacred Feminine.

Are you wanting to energize and accelerate your life path?  Are you finally ready to move beyond the patterns that have held you back?  Kathy can help you find your way. Email her directly to set up a session.

May you know your authentic self…


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