The Night the Web Called

Trees and web of light300.jpg

The dream:

I am in a pool of water. It’s gray and clouds are on the horizon. People are there, standing or sitting by the edge of the pool.  All of a sudden an enormous wind picks up, strong enough to cause waves in the pool.  I am helpless to move against it. The wind is so terrific it blows through my body rendering me utterly without control. Electrified by this force of nature, this current of energy that practically takes me over, I am terrified. I can’t move my body because it is too powerful for me to move against it. I must, am forced only, to surrender to it, to allow it to move through me to allow it to have it’s way with me.  All resistance is futile against this electrifying energy.  I somehow move towards the people at the edge of the pool. I look at them hoping they can help me. I can’t move my body, I say.

I wake up. Shaken. Alive. Survived.

Everything feels different now.  Everything is different now.  Everything. Is. Different. 

The fear is gone. There is no more fear. She. It. Whatever you want to name the creative force… has reached across the web, the web of life.  It has beckoned. We are doing it. We are waking up, perhaps being shaken up, into our indescribable oneness with the LIFEFORCE that connects us all.  The web of life.

“It is being felt across the web,” so said a woman who had a remarkably similar dream the same night.  The same night I heard about a call to gather in 2020 in Crete.  © Kathy Stanley