Soul Retrieval Sessions:

Offered for women engaged in my Sacred Art Journey workshops who are committed to igniting and embodying their creative capacity to a new level, and going beyond old stories that have limited their personal power.  

I have been trained in energy medicine by the Four Winds Society Light Body School founded by Alberto Villoldo, Phd.  

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Like a spiritual midwife and with the benefit of energy medicine work, I support your psycho-spiritual journey, listening for those places where your wisdom is present, and helping you discover new perspectives to illuminate your spiritual life path. I assist through a combination of energy medicine healing practices and heart-centered psycho-spiritual processes that liberate and empower you to move forward. This may include soul retrievals, shadow work, inner child healing, eco-therapeutic work, dream work, inner-relationship focusing, and other supportive practices.

I specialize in soul retrieval work, a liberating process that allows for recovering lost parts of soul that may be unconscious due to early childhood challenges and trauma.  A description follows in the form of story and commentary.


A universal story of soul retrieval

Once upon a time there was a lost and sad soul on a journey. She felt that the only way to protect herself from the hurt was to isolate herself from those around her. She was in her own world and this was the only place that felt really safe for her. She’d been neglected as a young girl and left to batter around from pillar to post emotionally in a world that she only felt marginally cared for her. She felt treated as merely an appendage that had to be cared for.  Her nourishment came from the books and stories she lost herself in. Imaginary worlds where she could fantasize and dream about what life could be like. If only…

The young girl eventually grew up and after soul searching and hard work amidst loss, grief and heartache, through trials and many challenges, she arrived at a place where a beautiful being who was strong and free began to grow in her heart. All the trials and challenges shifted into places of transformation. Through the great fire of the soul’s journey, the old artifices, contracts and architecture of hurt and pain were transformed through an alchemy that turned the leaded old story into a golden path leading towards her liberation and destiny. She walked forward on this new path with the confidence that her gifts were vitally important to the world and that she could treasure her own needs as part of her work in bringing healing and resilience to others.


Commentary on the story

In this example of soul and destiny retrieval, this young girl may have made a contract, a limiting belief held in the unconscious, that said something to the effect of “I have to isolate myself to keep safe,” or “Everyone else’s needs are more important than my own,” or, “I come last…”

These types of limiting beliefs may form early on in childhood from traumatic experiences or messages that cause soul loss for the person — where parts of the soul may go away in the unconscious in an effort to keep the person from being hurt.  In other words, the person gets a message that it’s not safe to show that they have needs so they go through life enduring and operating under this limiting belief that their needs come last, that they have to solely cater to others.

These are universal experiences in the human condition and we all experience soul loss from time to time. But we can recover parts of self that have been lost and the benefit of the soul retrieval work is that we can shine a light on those parts that may have been cut off from us. The person may be ready to recognize that they no longer need to operate under those limiting beliefs that have held them back from living a life where they have access to their full gifts and potential. The returning parts of soul that are ready to come back may not return until the person re-writes the old contract or writes a completely new contract. In the soul retrieval work, we work with mapping a new path with a new journey statement that allows for the recovered part of self to feel confident that its gifts are going to be honored and that it is safe to be whole again.


Benefits of soul retrieval work:

  • Access to healed states that may have been previously inaccessible. e.g. it may have been hard to feel joy or confidence

  • Energizing new life path

  • Transforming limiting beliefs that have held a person back

  • Releasing repeating patterns that no longer serve

  • Accelerating healing and supporting other healing modalities

  • Sense of new freedom in their life





About Kathy


Kathy Stanley is an energy medicine practitioner, spiritual life coach, and artist with a background in Ecopsychology and Women's Spirituality. She blends this work to assist people in healing, thriving and developing resilience.